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Eden House - thailand

The Garden of Eden was a sanctuary for God’s children. Eden House Thailand, is also based on the same idea. Created in 1997, Eden House is a Christian home situated 30 miles south of the Burmese border. 

Eden House provides a safe home, food, clothing, love, emotional and spiritual support, and education to the girls in our care. The 25 girls that live here live in a family environment divided into three houses. Each house, with foreign and local caregivers, strives to become a family, living in a community of similar families, and sharing many activities. Through this the girls are shown how to value themselves as they really are, and are given a hope for the future. 

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house of refuge - thailand

Baan Phak Phing houses girls between the ages of 6 and 18 years old. At first sight there is nothing different about these girls. They play, laugh, and fight, just like any other girls in that age group.

It is in fact a miracle that they can live like this, in happiness, because these girls have all been abused at a very young age. Baan Phak Phing offers these girls a warm and safe home that is closely based off of a true home. We have groups of a maximum of 10 girls living in 3 houses with each of the houses having 4 mothers who work in shifts. Aside from that we have 3 small houses for the young adults who are almost ready to go back out into the world where they learn to live independently.

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